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A new floor makes any room feel amazing and the whole change is very uplifting.

With the colour, texture and warmth a new carpet makes your home feel very homely.

When choosing a new carpet you will have to take into consideration the following as certain  carpets are only suitable for certain areas. There are three types of carpets to choose from:­


These are 100% wool products which are soft and luxurious. Wool is an excellent natural fibre giving you warmth and comfort.


Today the two types of man-made carpets are made of nylon and polypropylene. Nylon is the most popular in construction but polypropylene is the most stain resistant.


Blended carpets are made up of a mixture of wool and man-made fibres. Their construction is often made up of 80% wool 20% man-made fibre of 50% wool 50% man-made fibres. Blended wool mix carpets offer the best of both worlds. You get the soft texture of wool along with this durability and stain resistance of a man-made carpet.

We supply Cosi Underlays, Cloud 9, Tredaire and other specialist underlay for underfloor heating systems. We sell latex floor smoothing compounds to prepare bad concrete floors for vinyls.

A lot of people fit vinyls to bedrooms of children with allergies bad floorboards may need hardboard.

At NT Carpets we can supply nearly any carpet or vinyl available. Just provide us with the name and we will find it and give you a competitive price on it.